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One effective approach to restoring or transforming your home’s look involves paint. With that said, planning a painting project will be a key step, since many things will need to be considered before the job starts. Our staff will go over several points and details with you so that your project is seamless from beginning to end.

Color Selection

You can add texture and depth to any room with bold colors. However, an incorrect color option is capable of resulting in disappointment. You’ll then need to spend money, time, and effort fixing what you dislike after the work has been completed. MIP Brisbane Painters deeply understands color psychology. We can offer you a customized color palette so that you can accomplish the intended result, no matter which room in your home needs refreshing.

What Kind of Paint Should You Use?

Are there any imperfections on your walls? Do you know what materials the walls in your home are made from? Would you consider the work site a very “high traffic” space? Is it exposed to excessive sunlight? Each one of these things must be considered when you are selecting the type of paint to use. Our staff will tell you what their recommendations are, whether that entails a sheen or a finish. Such recommendations will significantly impact your project’s outcome, as well as your budget.


The surface of your office or home set to be repainted will be evaluated when we visit the place. We will assess which repairs will be required (assuming any are present), measure the areas requiring work, and factor in the kind of exposure that the work area will likely endure. An accurate quote will then be calculated for the project. You will receive a precise breakdown of your project’s costs, including the materials required for the job to be completed.

Project Timing

Whether its residential painting or commercial painting – planning the project will be essential. Doing so will ensure optimized productivity, minimum disruptions, and maximum efficiency. The quicker a painting project can be completed, the less expensive it will be (and the less disruption the office or home will experience). This is especially important when it comes to rental properties – tenants should be kept abreast of progress, as well as any requirements needed from them (not touching painted areas, ventilation, etc.).

A production schedule for the painting project will be revealed, allowing you to make plans for area access, vehicle parking, equipment storage, water supply accessibility, and cleaning supply availability. If the project involves other tradesmen (for instance, electricians or plumbers), we will provide them with our production schedule. That way, their schedules will not conflict with ours. This will go a long way toward preventing tradesmen from waiting around for others to complete work. The project completion time will remain on schedule as a result.


Proper maintenance for the worksite will be addressed so that the newly painted space will remain untainted. This is necessary to accomplish maximum protection and longevity for an underlying surface area.

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