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Whenever the outside of a business or house needs painting, several things must be taken into consideration, not just for safety and health reasons, but for the overall outcome. Trust MIP Brisbane Painters to handle your exterior painting needs for the following reasons:


Your business or home’s exterior finish will need to endure the Queensland weather, harsh as it is. The proper paint and preparation must be utilized for optimal results to be achieved. That way, the paint will last for a long time to come, as opposed to peeling, cracking, or fading quicker than expected. Professional painters have what it takes to evaluate the surface to be painted. They can offer you recommendations on which types of paint should be used for long-term results. We have the equipment on hand to accommodate large painting areas as well.


Another aspect of a paint job is preparation. Poor surface preparation will result in a lackluster finish. Insufficient knowledge or improper tools will produce a surface outcome that has not been properly primed before paint is applied to it. Subsequently, the work’s longevity will be short.

Preparing a surface is a challenging task. Exterior surfaces are even more complicated when it comes to preparation. That is because weather elements must be endured, and heights must be reached. Professional painters are better suited to handle exterior painting work, as they will already have the necessary gear and equipment (for instance, water blasters, trestles, ladders, and the like).

If you live in an aging house, then chances are pretty good that it was painted with a lead-based substance. Removing this type of material is actually a severe health hazard. In fact, small amounts of it can be quite hazardous. As such, it is imperative to wear safety equipment capable of protecting you from harmful substances. The proper tools must also be used to contain debris and dust.

If the house you live in is new, then heights will be the primary concern. There are several safety risks that come with setting up harnesses and trestles, which protect you from falling. Such safety equipment will be necessary, but it isn’t cheap.

Our team of professionals have the equipment necessary and will arrive at the job with them. The quality work that they perform will be done with safety and health issues in mind. The proper insurances will also be adhered to.

Additional Services Offered by MIP Brisbane Painters

Our staff is capable of working around all sorts of lifestyles and schedules, no matter how hectic they are. You will be provided with a specific production schedule. That way, you’ll know precisely what’s happening, as well as how long each task will take. This is especially important when projects are being conducted in work settings, or if people are living in the residence at the time. Regardless of what requirements are necessary, we can put together a plan that involves minimal disruption. If after-hours services are what you need, we can arrange that too. Clients we have worked for in the past have praised our efficiency. Your home will be cared for as if it were our own

The rates that we charge are quite competitive. Brisbane Painters will go out of our way to deliver results that are long-lasting. This gives clients optimum value. One of our staff members will come to your office or home to evaluate the area, then give you an accurate estimate. That way, unexpected surprises will not hit you once the job is complete.

We encourage you to give us a call if you have any questions or would like a quote. Our preparation is meticulous, and our attention to detail is unparalleled. Ultimately, the final outcome will be flawless.

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