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We are Masters In Painting, a versatile team of professionals specializing in residential painting and commercial painting (both interior and exterior). Our painting services extend all throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay Region and Somerset.


What Will Painting a House Cost Me?

This tends to be the very first question that homeowners ask. Our company offers affordable, high-quality service, and you don’t have to worry about hidden costs with us, either.

Each job that we take on is unique, so the costs per project will depend on several factors, such as the following:


  • The kind of paint chosen by a client.
  • The type of preparation that is required for the work involved. That may entail significant ceiling/wall repair and/or fixing fitted cabinetry.
  • Whether paintwork is external, internal, or both.
  • Whether it’s residential painting or commercial painting.
  • The surface area total that requires painting, as well as what kind of style the house has.

Daily Rates

Hourly rates are deceptive. We charge day rates instead. If you have an incomplete DIY project that you have been neglecting, call us to finish the job for you. Our daily rate is $1250, and that includes service work performed by a few individual tradesmen, as well as all undercoat and fillers.

Factors That Establish the Project’s Duration

Our staff completes each job efficiently. Maybe new tenants are moving into the place you need painted. Perhaps new employees will be taking over an office space. You might just need to give your walls a fresh coat of paint just for the sake of it!

Whatever the reason, there are several aspects to take into consideration, all of which can affect the length of time required to finish a project. These factors include how big the worksite is, the surface’s condition, the experience of the painter, and even the weather.

Benefit from our Personalized Approach

MIP Brisbane Painters will prioritize each job for the sake of making sure that it is finished on time. This begs the question – how does our company go about doing this?


  • Each painter that is assigned to the job will work exclusively on your project all the way to completion. This is beneficial to you, as you will be engaging with the exact same people each day. The job will be completed to the best of the painters’ ability, as far as efficiency goes. This also benefits our staff, as they can dedicate their focus to each individual job (as opposed to driving from one site to another every day).
  • Before we begin a project, we will go over the job’s timeframe with you. We will then commit to the schedule. Brisbane Painters has been in this industry for quite a while now. As such, the experience that we have is extensive – so much so that we can determine precisely how long each job will go on for. If your project could potentially take longer than expected, you will be notified within a reasonable amount of time.
  • We will coordinate the project’s timeframes with any other tradespeople involved with the project in order to optimize efficiency. Our connections to fellow tradespeople allow us to coordinate a production schedule alongside them. This will ensure that every tradesperson is following the same schedule. Efficiency will be then maximized for the entire project. This is an aspect of our regular operating procedures. There is no need for you to experience delays because of lackluster coordination among tradesmen.
  • After-hours services are available. Brisbane Painters understands that certain jobs must be prioritized. When warranted, we’ll arrange painting work to be completed after hours in order to accommodate your schedule.

Quality first

Things every client should know

New coats of paint are part of the process of making renovations or new homes look mesmerizing. Paint is capable of refreshing the feel and look of one room or an entire house. However, painting is more than just decorative touches – it also offers a way to maintain and protect the value and quality of your property. Without question, paint will be essential for any home, and there are several quality levels you need to be mindful of.

Selecting Colors

Having a rough idea about what colors you want is important. Proper color choices will look good, but improper color choices will negatively impact the entire area. You need to consider the room’s purpose. For instance, nurseries require colors that are soft (perhaps pastel) in order to instill an environment that is calm for the baby to fall asleep in.

Dark or vibrant colors can be used for entertainment areas, while neutral colors can be used for family rooms. There is no shortage of color options and color combinations that you can use for every area. As such, it would be worth your while to make your own mood board. It should have all of the coverings and colors in a particular room (including flooring and curtains) so that the color palette you are working with is successful. This is an aspect of the entire preparation process and should not be neglected.

Painting: What Is Involved with the Process?

One misnomer that people have about painting is that it is simple. To some extent, that might be true, but for the most part, painting is simplified only when an area that requires a new coat is prepared extensively and thoroughly.

Proper preparation might entail extensive work, particularly if existing paint layers warrant removal. Based on the type of service and how much paint needs to be removed, the painters will utilize all sorts of products and tools. That may include scraping tools, chemicals for paint stripping, heating guns, and orbital power sanders. Experienced painters will understand which tools should be used per situation. They will also be mindful of risks involved with removing any paint that contains lead (before 1971, lead paint was commonly used in many Australian buildings).

Painting might take longer than expected if damaged areas warrant repair, surrounding areas need protection,  surfaces need to be cleaned, and safety procedures need to be implemented. This would be necessary if, for instance, paint needs to be removed if it contains lead; or if work is involved with multiple story buildings. Various circumstances that painters have encountered throughout the years taught them which products and tools to use for each job.

Each property is unique and comes with its own set of challenges that the painter must deal with, regardless of how much experience they have.

Several common DIY projects Brisbane Painters has rectified involved incorrect preparation, shoddy equipment, or improper materials used. It doesn’t matter how much time an owner has spent preparing for the project – if incorrect paint or brushes were used, the result will be a lackluster final finish.

Understanding Your Paints

Solvent, pigment, and resin are what paint is comprised of. Even though pigment is solid, once it is grounded into a fine powder, the pigment will mix with resin in order to produce a specific color. Pigment and resin have the same consistency as honey, which means a solvent will be needed. That’s where the cost of paint will differ, as high-end paints will contain less solvent and final grade pigment. This will give the paint a balanced consistency and color, providing ideal coverage with a single coat. Cheap paint might need at least two coasts in order to accomplish the exact same results. A pigment that is more course may be involved, which will produce a color that might not be balanced.

Not Every Brush Is Created Equal

Use of cheap or incorrect brushes happens to be another common error often seen. Specific brushes will be required for not just the paint, but the surface as well. Brushes will either be synthetic or natural (for instance, made of animal hair). If you are purchasing a water-based, less expensive paint, then look for a brush that is natural. Look for one capable of soaking up solvent. This makes spreading and holding paint much more difficult.

A brush’s shape and size will also need to be taken into consideration. Such brushes contain a cut angle, making them ideal for cutting right into corners, among other types of precision work. A flat-cut brush will be perfect to spread and hold paint with. They tend to be used specifically for large spaces.

The ends of brush bristles can have either tipped or flagged ends. For example, flagged bristles contain split ends, which allow them to spread paint a lot more efficiently. By contrast, tripped bristles on brushes are often used where detail is necessary (since the bristles come right to a specific point). Sash brushes serve as a good example.

Typical DIY Mistakes

There are a vast array of brushes that are fairly standard when it comes to a painter’s toolbox. Professional painters will have all sorts of tools on hand for surface preparation purposes. Such items are essential for the job, but can also make DIY projects very expensive. Here are some errors that we commonly see when homeowners opt to paint their own homes.

  • Insufficient floor protection.
  • Mismatched or incorrect paint.
  • Damage to certain areas in the house.
  • Feature walls (coverups and applications).
  • Damages close to the painting area or fittings.
  • Improper paint disposal and cleaning approaches.

The amount of things to consider when painting your house are many. Fortunately, Brisbane Painters can make the process more affordable, attractive, and efficient for you.

Quality first

Why choose us

MIP Brisbane Painters happens to be a business that is family-run.

How does that affect you? It tells you that we aren’t merely employees – this business is what our lives revolve around. As such, the work quality that we deliver is just as important to us as achieving customer satisfaction. Corners are not something we cut. Beneath each impeccable finish lies a meticulously prepared surface – one that ensures that paint will remain on it for as long as possible.

Our company has accumulated plenty of experience throughout the years. We deliver nothing short of high-quality workmanship, no matter how big or small the job is. Our painting work can be integrated with DIY repairs, home extensions, exterior and interior renovations, and even new home development. You can trust us to make older things look new again!

Specialized Painters for Every Job

Hiring a top level professional for any type of painting job is an absolute must. Our painters are veterans of the industry, with at least 15 years of experience.

Choose From Over 200 Color & Material Samples

High quality paint provides a smooth, long-lasting finish and saves you money in the long run.

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Ivan did an excellent job re-oiling my deck. He was particular with every detail to ensure the finished product was perfect. The surrounding area was left clean and tidy. I would not hesitate to use Ivan again.

Client Since 1995

Fantastic service. Had the inside of my house fully repainted and it looks incredible. We went for a clean white throughout to make it look nice and bright. Truly a perfectionist and a great guy. Fantastic price also. Would highly recommend and will be using again when we do the outside! Thanks very much from Dave and MC

Client Since 1995

They were accomodating to my requests and I am extremely pleased with my new look. My home really has curb appeal and looks fresh and new.

Client Since 1995

Very happy and satisfied with the outcome, the job was completed to perfection with fair pricing. Highly recommend MIP.

Client Since 1995


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